Saturday, 14 August 2010

Metal Practice

Some quick metal/specular practice before rendering some armour. The first set were using some reference images, the second set without. I'm enjoying painting metal a lot more these days. It used to terrify me.


  1. Great practice, I remember this study from your CA book. I need to do similar practice on metals too. Thank you for sharing, it's very inspiring. Your imagi piece has nicer colours imho, I think there's a tendency to pick less saturated colours when working from ref/life at times.. at least imho. =)

  2. Hey man, been checking out some of your work today, was really impressed with your newest Eow sketch. I've been trying to find some decent metal ball refs, i found mark kohr and, which is awesome btw, but i still haven't found any decent hd metal refs, i'll keep at it, I have pretty decent google-fu, but I found your blog post before I found any actual pics if that tells you anything. Thanks a mil, Mike