Sunday, 8 January 2012

Material Study #1: Magma

I did some material studies a while back, inspired by one that Matt Kohr (thanks Matt!) did in his sketchbook many moons ago.. anyways, I've decided to start doing these more often and keep them somewhere safe for reference. I'll add some notes where I can based on my observations which might hopefully be helpful to someone. If I've got anything wrong or you've noticed something I haven't then I'd love to know! Here's the first one.

  • The most molten part gives off the most light and appears slightly blurred due to the heat.
  • The black "islands" are where the lava has started to cool and become more solid. These areas have some specularity and are far more rounded than typical rock. They're also slightly raised above the molten material below since they're floating on top of it.
  • The hottest areas have fewer solid formations. As we move away from the hot-spots there are more more of them and they begin to join together.
  • The cooler lava has the highest saturation and is strewn between the black rock "islands". These areas also have the most visible texture to them.

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